CARUNA-CPLO Hunger Helpline (CCHH) is a joint initiative of Civil Services Associations that have come together under the banner of CARUNA(Civil services Associations Reach to sUpport in Natural disAsters), Central Postal Ladies Organisation (CPLO), and URHope-Foodbank.
CCHH is helping people in hunger distress and those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic across the country by distributing dry rations and/or cooked meals to individuals, families and communities. It is facilitated through dedicated helpline number/s and a technical platform that connects the help seekers, a team of volunteers, generous donors, Government departments, and NGOs in a seamless way.

During the 2020 Lockdown CARUNA and CPLO jointly distributed 1.5 crore ration kits and 1 crore cooked meals with the support of Volunteers, Donors, Gurudwaras, NGOs etc. Similarly, URHope-Foodbank provided food and emergency support to the marginalised people across states by connecting them with the Government/Non-Gov. entities and individual donors. In the current phase, all three entities have come together under the banner, “CARUNA-CPLO Hunger Helpline” which is undertaking fixed cooked meal drives at Hospitals, Night Shelters, and for the homeless living on the streets and ration kit drives covering old-age homes, orphanages, and other needy communities and individuals in distress.
CARUNA (Civil services Association Reach to sUpport in Natural disAster)
CARUNA (Civil services Association Reach to sUpport in Natural disAster) is a voluntary initiative of civil servants across 32 Civil Services Association of AIS (IAS, IPS, IFoS) and the 14 central services Associations (IFS, IRS(IT), IRS (C&E), IPoS, IDAS, IRAS, ICASS, IPTAF and many more) and other members. They have come together on the call of the Prime Minister to break silos and work together and supplement the official efforts to handle emergency situations in the Central Government and across all States.

Founded in April 2020, CARUNA is actively engaged in helping people in distress, to assist and augment the efforts of the central & state governments, who all are working day and night to ease the panic and also provide relief to the people affected. Many of the civil servants, police and medical fraternity have died answering the call of duty. CARUNA is working on different fronts covering health and medical care, hunger, access to welfare benefits, etc. More information can be seen at https://carunaindia.org
Central Postal Ladies Organisation (CPLO)
“Central Postal Ladies Organisation (CPLO)” is a registered society under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. CPLO was registered on 19th June 1986 with the aim and objective to promote, encourage & coordinate the work for the economic uplift, mutual assistance, self- reliance and general wellbeing of the postal families especially women & children.

During the 2020 nationwide Covid-lockdown, CPLO expanded its mandate and started the Covid-19 relief work for migrants and informal labour force. It carried out food distribution drives, supplying 375 quintals of dry ration and 30,000 cooked meals around Delhi, NCR stretching all the way till Muradnagar. In addition CPLO mass produced reusable cloth masks and supplied 75,000 of these for free to postal and medical frontline workers.
URHope- Foodbank
URHope-Foodbank is a unified platform which works towards the food (dry ration and cooked meal) and other emergency needs of the marginalized sections in India. Led by Priya Sharma (PhD research scholar at IIT Bombay) and Amritesh Srivastava (Software Engineer at Booking.com), this collaborative initiative began in June 2020 as a response to the hardships that arose due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdown in the country. URHope-Foodbank team connects the help seekers with the govt. programmes, citizen led food distribution initiatives and individual donors per case basis and has helped thousands of people across states over the past one year. You can find more about their initiative at https://india.foodbank.co/about
Shri B.K.Jha
CC -Hunger Helpline Lead
K.Sandhya Rani
CC-Hunger Helpline Lead
Mentor CPLO
Smriti Sharan
CC-Hunger Helpline Lead
Secretary, CPLO
Archana Varma
CARUNA Lead & CC Hunger Helpline Lead
Dr Sumita Datta
Lead CARUNA CPLO Hunger Helpline
Professor, S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR)
Priya Sharma
URHope-Foodbank Lead & CC Hunger Helpline Lead
Amritesh Srivastava
URHope-Foodbank Lead & CC Hunger Helpline Lead
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